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Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween

How can we have a healthy Halloween? The more I think about it, the more Halloween seems a little strange to me. When else would we allow our children to accept candy from strangers. And the amount of candy! Half a pillow case full of nothing but sugar and artificial food colouring. I can’t really handle the idea of my kids having that much candy anymore.

Yes, I did it when I was a kid…and have fond memories of Halloween and the oodles and oodles of treats. But today, I know better and I simply don’t want my kids to ingest that much poison.

Yet, it’s so hard to let go of those traditions and opportunities for fun. So what do we do? Well, this year I’m hoping to keep Halloween fun, with some healthy treats and activities. And yes, I will be handing out pencils instead of candy! Or perhaps even apples if we can get a big bushel from an orchard.

Healthier Halloween Candy Options

Wow! I found these Halloween gummies the other day and they are amazing! Delicious!

I really prefer handing out things like pencils to Trick-Or-Treaters, but this year I will be “cool” again and hand out these treats. (And pencils!)

These Organic Spooky Shapes by Surf Sweets of Wholesome Sweeteners Inc., are gluten free and allergy friendly, made with organic cane sugar and organic fruit juices, which means they contain Vitamin C! Find your closest retailer from their website or get them here.

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Happy Traditions for Healthy Habits

Make your own pizza night. Make a homemade crust using barley flour, spelt flour or sprouted grain flours. Top with lots of veggies.

Halloween Pencils and Stickers, Play Doh, or glow sticks. 

Make your own homemade treats, together with your kids leading up to Halloween, like black bean brownies and chickpea flour chocolate chip cookies.

Make your own gummi candy with gelatin, probiotics, natural flavours and colours by using pureed fruit, and use a fun mould, like these Lego moulds. Sometimes I just put a low-sugar yogurt or kefir yogurt drink into the mould and freeze them, for special little treats the kids can just pop in their mouths. Here’s a great recipe from Wellness Mama for homemade gummies.

Dark chocolate treats. These dark chocolate Bug Bites are perfect for Halloween. Fun fact: Endangered Species Chocolate supports the conservation of pollinating insects by giving 10% of sales! Save the bees!

Package of 60 72% Dark Chocolate minis. These are great for Halloween or for yourself when you’re craving a little something sweet!

Yum Earth Organic Lollipops, and Sour Beans. They also have gummi worms and bears!

I LOVE these products from Yum Earth. The Lollipops have been my go-to secret weapon in my purse for years! They’re actually Vitamin C pops! And are made with organic ingredients, gluten free, vegan, no GM0’s, and no artificial colours or flavours. Pretty awesome!

Black Forest Organic Gummis Halloween Edition – 60 individual packages!

Guest Post:

We’re also bringing some great tips from M. Leigh at The Healthcare Maquis: 

Halloween has always been a controversial holiday in my household for many reasons. The top
reason is my kids have food allergies. I had a bad experience with one of my kids being given
an allergen right under my nose. Not everyone is aware of food allergies and I do not fault them
for that.

I firmly believe that childhood is a gift and a celebration and any day is a reason to build
memories. However, I do not want those memories being scarred by shots of adrenaline from a
Epi-pen or visits to the E.R.

Over the years, I have attempted to build traditions that are not all centered on candy for my
kids to look forward. I did not want them to have a lame imitation. If your kids feel deprived that
is something they will take with them their whole life. So here are the ways I celebrate
Halloween outside of candy:

1) The costume. I allow the kids to be involved in the design of their costume. Which
usually involves me going on some sort of scavenger hunt for obscure items. But it
makes it a fun challenge every year to see how I will save the day and find what they are
look for. Last year, my son was Luigi and I I did not want to pay the high prices for
costume gloves, so I found white garden gloves and white texting gloves. We found a
way to repurpose the gloves afterward and we had fun all month long searching for the

2) Pizza party. We save pizza day for that night to make it special. We recently did a No
Eat Out Challenge, so this year it will be even more special because they went without
carry out pizza for such a long time.

3) Movie night. I never forget the first Halloween I went rushing from store to store trying to
find a copy of the Charlie Brown Halloween special. I think my adventure was as comical
as the movie itself. Of course now you can find it streaming, but just a few years ago that
was not a choice. So movies are a part of the tradition, my personal beliefs means we
keep it G rated, but the choice of movies is theirs.

4) Apples and other goodies. We make a trip to the apple orchard each year. So we have a
bounty of apples to make goodies with. Did you know you can make a dairy and refined
sugar free sauce for your apples? Check out this recipe for the idea.

These are just a few ideas how to celebrate Halloween outside of the trick or treat bag.

Let your kids have fun and celebrate, and start good traditions that will form good habits later in life.

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