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Getting Ready for Back to School

Let’s be serious here… There isn’t just ONE thing that you can do to get ready for back to school.

The overarching thing that you CAN do is … GET ORGANIZED!

Organize & Prepare

I don’t know about you, but preparing for something well in advance makes me feel much more at ease.

It also allows for more time to think of everything else you may have forgotten.

Make Lists

Keep a paper list and a note on your phone for when you think of anything. Get that list going and start checking things off.

Whatever you need to do, write it down!

Label, Label, Label!

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Get your labels and start labeling things now! I put one of these Mabel’s Labels on major items like sweaters, coats, hats, shoes, lunch box, water bottle, headphones etc. But feel free to go crazy and label everything if you want to!

These labels do not come off in the wash and are completely customizable!

Options are endless with sizes, colours, characters, allergy labels, sports labels, school packages. I highly recommend you check these amazing labels out!

Meal Prep

Prepare for easy, healthy breakfasts by stocking up on oats, flax and chia seeds for healthy homemade oatmeal and make some Egg Muffins for quick breakfasts. These egg muffins can be re-heated and taken on the go for you and the kids!

Start collecting ideas for healthy lunch ideas and make a whole bunch of things like healthy muffins and snack balls for packing in lunches.

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Getting ready for the first time?

This year my youngest starts school. *Tears*

Even with all this preparation to put my mind at ease, I’m sure when the day comes there will be tears.

Not only do we need to prepare, but we also need to prepare THEM.

Them, being the children. Here are a few things you can do to help prepare your child for starting school:

  • Practice putting on shoes – keep it simple, buy velcro.
  • Practice using lunch box – I am going to pack beach picnics using the school lunch box and make my youngest eat without assistance. I mean really, this is something he hasn’t really done before, so he needs to practice it, right?
  • Going to the washroom without assistance. (Keeping your pants on, heeellllooooo?! and doing them back up!)
  • Hand washing
  • Zipping up backpack
  • Memorize parent’s names and address, maybe even phone number
  • Put a little piece of paper (heck, laminate it if you want to!) in their backpack with parents names and phone numbers
  • Change of clothes in large plastic bag in backpack
  • And of course, some ABC’s and 123’s

These are some of the things we will be practicing this summer.

Did you think of something I didn’t?! Please let me know in the comments!

That’s how I’m going to get ready for back to school!


Last but not least, enjoy the summer! With some simple prep complete, you can play the days away all summer long until that first day in September.

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