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Guest Post

Welcome, M.Leigh!

Howdy, everyone. My name is M.Leigh from The Healthcare Maquis.

Over on my site, I write about healthcare topics. I am also a mom of four and one more. I have tons of experience with
the struggle of getting your child to eat healthy (or sometimes to even eat at all).

I want to give you my top three tricks on how to get your kid to open up to nutritious, delicious food.

Get kids to eat by using these three simple tricks.

Tip #1: Become a Food Stylist

If you have been blessed with the gift of sight, it plays a major role in how we eat. Think about in
nature, how fruit and vegetables come in an assortment of colors and beautiful shapes to lure
us in. Also think about why we feel compelled to buy blue drink or red candy. We eat with our

I am not asking to make sculptures out of your food. Although, there are tons of amazing things
you can do with food. I created this Pinterest board to give you some ideas.

Tip # 2: Go for the Ratio


What I mean by “go for the ratio” is to bargain with your child that they eat an equal portion of a
preferred food along with an equal portion of the unpreferred food. The five year old in my life is an
uber-picky eater. She, like many kids LOVES all kinds of potatoes, but anything green is a struggle.
Before she can have any type of potato at dinner, we have to eat the green item first.

Be a role model for your child and eat your greens first too! You can lead by example at dinner time.

Tip #3: Sweeten the Deal

Any concerned parent should be trying to reduce/eliminate the amount of processed sugar their
child gets in their daily diet. But I do not think that means that you should never enjoy the
sweetness that life has to offer.

What I am talking about is adding sweetness in unexpected places. My kids think Brussel
Sprouts are nasty. The addition of apples and dried cherries suddenly takes it from “yucky” to “I’ll
try it.” I also like to add fruit and vegetables to my chicken salad to improve the taste and boost
the nutrition.

Another idea that I use is to serve fruit alongside the meal. Teriyaki chicken with pineapple and
broccoli or Orange glazed chicken with oranges and cauliflower goes over better than
presenting a meal without a sweet component.

I hope I gave you some ideas to spark your own creativity in how to promote healthy eating for
your kids. Stop by The Healthcare Maquis site, Facebook page or Youtube channel for more
health tips.

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