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Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Join these Affiliate Marketing programs today!

Affiliate marketing can come in a number of different forms. Naturally, you may find affiliate links throughout this post and website. I only promote products, courses and services that I truly believe in. If you purchase through one of my links, I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you of course! And THAT, is what affiliate marketing is.

As mentioned, you can be an affiliate for a product, service or even a course. A product may be a digital product, like an ebook or a physical product, like a real book.

Some products and services manage their own affiliate programs and other are part of an affiliate network, like Share-A-Sale.

Share-A-Sale is an affiliate marketing network. Meaning that they are a separate company handling the affiliate programs and details for other companies. Thousands of other companies! So you join Share-A-Sale and then you have access to apply to become an affiliate for many other products and companies, like my favourite, Mabel’s Labels!

Often, if you’ve purchased an online course or ebook, that product may have an affiliate program. Say you purchase a course and you love it! You can then tell others about it and earn a commission if and when people decide to purchase after clicking on your link.



Popular Affiliate Programs

Some companies, products, courses, etc., will run their own “in-house” affiliate programs. While many others, “outsource” the affiliate program to a third party company. Within these platforms, you will find hundreds and hundreds or companies and products. Once you apply to the affiliate management program, you can then apply to individual affiliate programs for things you are interested in promoting.

Some popular sites include:



Commission Junction


Things you Use and Love

Check to see if anything you use and love has an affiliate program.

Amazon – Everyone shops on Amazon these days! Chances are, you do. And you buy things you use and love. Things you can share with your readers. You can share products and even Amazon programs – when someone signs up for Audible, Prime, Baby Registry, etc, with Amazon, you can earn a fee called a “bounty”.

Creative Market – Design goods for creators. You can Pin your affiliate links right from the website!

Stencil – It’s like Canva, but bonus… it has an affiliate program! I love using Stencil!

Courses You’ve Taken and Loved

Check to see if a course you’ve purchased has an affiliate program. Chances are it will! Here’s some of the courses and programs that I belong to, and have signed up as an affiliate for. That way, any time someone asks me about a course, I can share a link and make a commission! Just for sharing something that I use and love.

The Digital Gangsta – One of the best investments I’ve ever made! An entire curriculum on how to start, build and run an online business and learn digital marketing.

Dare to Conquer – Previously known as Billionaire Blog Club. Courses on blogging from beginner to advanced, step by step guides and videos, courses on Pinterest and SEO. This one was a no brainer for me! It’s not always open for enrolment – so check it out!

Work at Home School – Free access to a library of resources and speakers about how to start a home based business.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

This course, appropriately called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, is where I learned much of what I know now about affiliate marketing. Of course, after taking the course, many people want to share it with other bloggers and online entrepreneurs, so they join the affiliate program. You do need to have purchased the course, in order to join the affiliate program. Makes sense right?

Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles is an affiliate marketing program for bloggers, all about promoting bundles of ebooks surrounding certain topics. They have different topics, so the program can be a fit for different niches. For example, they have an Ultimate Blogger’s Toolkit Bundle and an Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. Each bundle contains a collection of ebooks all sold for one low price, instead of the individual prices. Once you’re enrolled in the affiliate program, you can share the bundles with your email list and on social media.

Pinteresting Strategies

This ebook by Carly Campbell of Mommy on Purpose teaches a unique method for manual pinning that has helped me to learn more about Pinterest and significantly increase my Pinterest views. Pinterest and affiliate marketing go hand in hand. Since I loved the book and found it helpful I signed up as an affiliate. Check out Pinteresting Strategies here.


Speaking of Pinterest, meet your new best friend, Tailwind! Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest and let me tell you, it rocked my world! I heard of it, looked into a little, but didn’t think much of it. I finally gave in and tried it, because you can TRY if for FREE! My traffic increased significantly. I was sitting around 12k Pinterest views per month. After using Tailwind, my Pinterest traffic skyrocketed to 150k views per month! Awesome! It’s a huge time saver and is super easy to use. Then, when you fall in love with Tailwind, you can join the affiliate program through Share-A-Sale.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Themes and Hosting

How to start a Blog

The two things you need to start a blog! A host for your website and a theme!

As a blogger, digital marketer or website designer, you can also join the affiliate programs for various theme and hosting companies. Just scroll to the bottom of their website to see if they have an “affiliates” link or search for it. For example, I use DIVI by Elegant Themes, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is a functional, intuitive and easy to use website builder. Learn more about Divi here. 

It seems like all hosting companies have affiliate programs. So if you have a website host that you love, join their affiliate program. I always recommend Host Papa and Bluehost. Joining a hosting company affiliate program is usually a great place to start for bloggers!