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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Mommy. Or Heather, to the rest of you. Super Mom, as I like to think of myself, and as my partner refers to me, especially when he realizes how much of a Super Mom I am. Even a Super Dad himself, sometimes. Here I am, navigating the pee ridden waters of raising two boys.

Hey Mommy!

That’s what I hear, followed by a question or exclamation of some kind, approximately one hundred times a day. These Hey Mommy! remarks are often hilarious or inquisitive and serve as the inspiration for my stories and recipes found here. Quick tips, tricks and hacks for the busy Mommy life. Healthy recipes, stories, jokes and more, designed to get you thinking outside the food box.
My focus with many of the recipes on this site is to, THINK OUTSIDE THE FOOD BOX! So many foods come ready to eat, ready to cook, re-heat or re-fluff. Unfortunately, that also means they are highly processed, which eliminates much of the nutritional value of the original whole food. Not to mention added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and all too often, WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR! Yet, many of these foods can be made quickly, easily and even cheaper than their boxed counterparts.

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